High Voltage Technology Demonstration Satellite gHORYU-IIh is a Nano-satellite being developed by the students of Kyushu Institute of Technology. It has roughly 30cm cubic shape with a weight of 7kg approximately. HORYU-II has the following four mission objectives.

(1)      Developing HORYU-II as a graduate-school educational program in Kyushu Institute of Technology.

(2)      Orbital demonstration of the Nano-satellite bus technologies.

(3)      Achieving 300V photovoltaic power generation in space, the first time in the world.

(4)      Contributing to the local educational program for elementary and junior high school students through HORYU-II ground communication and distribution of the earth photographs.

The specification of HORYU-II is the following,

table1, the specification of HORYU-U
Size 350~310~315mm iX~Y~Z)
Mass 7.1 kg
Operation life time 1 year
Orbit Sun-synchronous (680km, 98.2 degree)
Solar cell 5 paralle strings of 4 series connected dual junction GaAs solar cells
Battery 3 parallels of 3 series, 1.2V, 1900mAh (Ni-MH)
Total capacity 5700mAh
Power consumption Normal operation mode (CW only)@F@1.13W
Normal operation mode (waiting for FM uplink)@F@0.86W
Mission mode (Maximum)j@F@2.70W
Radio Nishi-musen 301A
Transmission Power 1W approx.
FM Protocol & modulation Ax.25 &FSK
Frequency Up Link@F@145MHz band
Down Link@F@437.375MHz
Callsign JG6YBW
Communicatio Speed FM communication: 1200bps
CW communication (beacon): 20wpm
Attitude Control Passive control via permanet magnet and hysteresis dumper
Thermal Control Passive thermal control on the external surface
Insulation of battery box and heater control

Solar cell voltage & current
Battery voltage & current
Temperature (panel inside x6, radio, battery x3)
Angular velocity

Missions 300V photovoltaic power generation in LEO
Demonstration of solar array discharge suppression technologies at 300V
Demonstration of electron emission film (ELF)
Demonstration of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf surface potential monitor
Demonstration of debris sensor
Taking photograph of the Earth and distribution of the image for outreach

Further information is available
HORYU-UMain mission

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