Launch Information
In this page, information related launch of Horyu2 will beuploaded.
  • Communication of Information via facebook and twitter
  • Announcement of Expected TLE
  • Downlink Information Analysis Program
  • Detail of Downlink Data
  • Notice of Distribution Verification Card
  • Request of Received Cooperation
  • About Received Conpetition
  • Announcement of Public Events at KIT

Received information from HORYU-Ⅱwill be uploaded on Facebook
If you have an acount, let us know your information.

We also started Twitter and the members of HORYU Project will talk about the situation of the launch.

User name:horyu2
Announcement of TLE
Downlink information analysis program
Downlink information analysis program is available to download from the following links.
This program automatically analyze downlink data.
fig. display of the program

If you have any questions related to this program, please contact us.
[contact address]
Masayoshi Nakamoto
Detail of downlink data
Downlink data format is available here. Each symbol and number is defined.
Please check your received signal.
Notice of Distribution Verification Card

We appriciate you to receive the data from Horyu-II for a long time.
This time, it was all Ricardois ready for distribution, we will let us know.

  What you need
     • Name (call sign)
     ・The Received Data
     · Self-addressed Stamped Envelope

Thank you to contact us at the following address accompained by the above's things.

〒 804-8550
1-1, Sensuicho, Tobata,Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
Go to a floor 4064 Research
Satellite development project, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Request of Received Cooperation
Dear Amateur radio operators,

Amateur radio can be used to comunicate with our satellite. So, for HORYU- launch, we will greatly appreciate your help to get theinformation send from HORYU-. If you want to help us catch the information, please send e-mail to us.

[contact address]
Masayoshi Nakamoto

We are going to give an original verification card.

Thank you for your kindness and your help in advance.

Frequence Downlink 437.375 MHz / Uplink 145MHz band
FM 1200bps AX.25

Call sign:JG6YBW
About received competition
This competition finished in 6/18.
Thank you for your paticipation!

Announcement of public events at KIT
The pubic viewing has been completed.
We appriciate the participation of many people.
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